Time to say Muchas Gracias y Hasta Luego!

This last two months I could experience so much here in Colombia. It was a great time to work for Opportunity International Colombia and to get knowing so many nice people. And I got also the chance to see many new perspectives of Colombia, banking and living, especially how things also might be done or been seen from a different angles.

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My Colombia Top 10

A video of my personal Top 10 of Colombia from the experiences  I made traveling the country in Mai 2014 and the assignment to Opportunity International in September and October 2014.


The Last Weekend in Bogotá

After another interesting week at the office I got the chance to do some last things in Bogotá, time is running out fast. A visit to the Emerald museum and then to the amusements parks to get a view on Bogotá from a different angle as well as to a Mirador in the mountain above the city, overlooking Bogotá by night. On Sunday I was invited to the finca of Enrique to be trained on horse riding with the famous Caballos Criollo Colombiano and parilla.

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Villa de Leyva – Part I

Part One

Again into the campo of Boyacá. This time for a long weekend to Villa de Leyva, a colonial villages founded in 1572. Located in a high mountain valley on 2’100 m.a.s.l. there is a stunning scenery and many things to see, such as a visit to a potter in Raquirá (capital of pottery), a Tagua Nut handicraft shop in Tinjacá and the beautiful colonial town of Villa de Leyva.

Video and photos Villa de Leyva – Part II is available here.

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Global Citizen 2014


Global Citizen

Democratizing Investment Banking

Ogi's microfinance assignment at Equity Bank, Nairobi

Yonas @ Opportunity Bank Uganda

Microfinance risk policy assesment and training program

Fabi with FINCA in Tanzania

Global Citizens Program 2014